Review Policy/System

Review Policy

I am very new at this but am trying very hard to get into it. I have read many book blogs and have noticed that most have a section for review policy, please let me know if you have any tips I could use to make my blog really work.
I will review most any genre, I really love all types of books.My favorites are Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Y/A and Historical fiction but I love all books and read everything from children's books to erotic fiction.
I read quite a bit and can read most books in three to four days. I always post the reveiws the day that I finish the book.
I will except ARC'S in .epub or .pdf and I will also accept hard copies for my honest and complete review. Any ARC'S that are sent to me will be kept with the utmost security and would not be shared in anyway. I would never post them to any form of on-line storage or book sharing site
I am willing to hold blog contests for authors and am looking into blog tours.
I can be contacted at

Review System
I review with Monkeys the more monkeys the better the book.

Awesome Book! I Will Recomend It Over And Over!
And I will remember it for a long time to come.

Great Book. Well Worth The Read!

Good Book. But Won't stick Out In My Mind Later

Bad Book. I Really Didn't Like This Book.
And It Was Really Hard To Get Through.

Awful Book !! Unreadable And Couldn't Finish!

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