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Hot & Spicy by P.T. Macias

Hot & Spicy
by P.T. Macias

Jose Enrique De La Cruz the CEO of the De La Cruz, Inc. needs a fiancée in time for the 25th anniversary celebration. La familia is anxious to meet his fiancée, but he doesn’t have one. His hermana Patricia agreed to obtain una novia for him. Paty enticed her amiga to pretend to be his loving fiancée.
Jessica Maria Acosta agreed to be his fiancée for two reasons. One, she has always loved him and prays she can make him love her. Two, this is a great opportunity to achieve her dream of working as an Interior Decorator Design Manager.

Review: Dio's Mio!
This book lives up to it's title! It is very Hot & Spicy and has love scenes that will leave you biting your nails.The story revolves around the Del La Cruz family, a very tight nit and passionate Mexican family that has built their empire from the ground up.
The Boss Jose Enrique has a terrible problem to deal with...he has told his family that his is engaged and that he will be bringing his fiance' to the families anniversary dinner. Paty helps him out by finding the perfect girl for him. But all is not perfect for long as the Mexican Cartel gets involved.
This is a good first book and is very steamy. The characters are well defined, but I felt there were too many and I got confused with all of the cousins and friends. The author is very descriptive and builds her scenes up quite a bit, sometimes with a bit too much detail. The use of Spanglish in the book makes you almost feel as if you can speak Spanish by the end of the book but it is a bit over used and might get taxing for some. The action scenes happen late in the book making for a slow start other than the lovemaking (muy claiente'). When the action happens it comes on with a bang and has you really anxious for the safety of the whole family.
All in all it was worth the read and good for a first book. I am hoping the next book will be a bit more polished up, but you should give this new author a shot.

*Author Requested Review*
Thank you P.T. Macias for sending me your book for review

Pages: 454
Day's to read: 3

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