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Until I Die - Revenants #2 by Amy Plum

Until I Die - Revenants #2

 by Amy Plum

I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.
It seems fitting that I fell in love in Paris. Peel back a thin layer of reality and under the city's glamorous surface is a battleground for immortal enemies.
Because with Vincent, reality is an illusion. Handsome, chivalrous, and witty, he's got everything I've ever wanted in a boyfriend...except mortality. But when I chose Vincent, I chose love over reason and safety.
Vincent swore to avoid death--to resist his very nature so that we could be together. But I refuse to stand by and watch him suffer.
I know I'll do whatever it takes--even if it means lying to the people I love--to fight against a fate that is trying to tear us apart.

One word: Cliffhanger
I really do adore this series. The covers for these books are so gorgeous! This series is about Kate a seventeen year old girl who falls in love with a Revenant named Vincent. Revenants sacrifice themselves to save the lives of humans so that they can finish their life's purpose. They reanimate three day's later at the age that they first died and trying to resist the urge to save lives is painful for them .I love this love story and the first book had me checking release dates for months for the second. It's not often I will forsake all other books in my 2 read list to read a title that just came out. Let's put it this way I have the new Morganville Vampires book and haven't started it. This one didn't disappoint. It was a little slow to begin but soon picked up the pace and I was carried along by the great writing. I never had a wish to see Paris before but now with all of the realistic imagery in Amy's writing I would love to visit that amazing city.
  The male characters in the book are drool worthy with my absolute favorite being Jules. Jules is Vincents best friend and has a fondness for flirting, and boy oh boy he's good at it. But there are times I think that he is more than just flirting with Kate and has his own feelings for her. Vincent is described gorgeously as well with his black hair in his eyes all the time. And I absolutley love Georgia, she is Kate's older sister and the love she has for her Katie-Bean is never overshadowed by her crazy party life style.
 The only part that bothers me about this series is the fact that Vincent and Kate often hide things from each other unnecessarily and put each other through some tough feelings about the other hiding things.
The ending of the book nearly brought me to tears and shocked me silly. I can't belive what Amy did! Now I'm going to be checking release dates again.
To sum it all up I love this book, and the series. They are well worth the read but have a few things I didn't like, the slow parts and the unessasary dishonesty between the couple being two.

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  1. Great review! I loved Die For Me so much and I can't wait to read Until I Die. I'm debating if I want to re-read the first one again. I hardly remember anything! Though, your review did help refresh things for me!

  2. Thanks for joining my blog at contagious reads. Your blog is awesome. I love most of the books you review!


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